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Public Homeschool Meeting

Saturday, April 29, 2017
Irvine, California

“Home Schooling” Through College

Reaping the Benefits of Homeschooling from Kindergartener to College Graduate

Come join us! Bring a friend! They'll be glad you did!

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Saturday, April 29, 2017 from 5 - 6:30 pm

"Home Schooling Through College"

Reaping the Benefits of Homeschooling from Kindergarten to College Graduation

In this day and age, a college education can make a world of difference in one’s ability to support oneself and a family.  A common question that is asked about homeschooling is, “Is it possible for a homeschooler to successfully graduate college?”  Not only is it possible for homeschoolers to graduate college and do well, it is also possible to continue “homeschooling” through college.  One of the many benefits of homeschooling is being able to influence your children in positive ways to set them up well for life  These same “homeschooling principles” can be applied to our approach to college, allowing homeschooled students to learn additional vocational and life skills while retaining their Biblical world view.  Many vocations require college or post graduate training.  It is possible to find an effective, affordable way to attend college while helping your children maintain their Biblical world view.

This month, we will be joined by John Eng and some of his children as they share how they applied their homeschooling philosophy to college They will share their knowledge and experiences regarding the college journey including:

  • How to guide your child towards a career,

  • Practical steps for preparing to go to college,

  • How to guide your child through college,

  • How to ensure your college student is successful, and

  • Invaluable life skills learned through the college journey

John and Janet Eng demystify the process of sending children who have been discipled in your homeschool to a college campus upon completing high school. They will show that it is not only possible for out children to get to college, but to thrive there without losing their Biblical faith.  You're not going to want to miss this for the world!  Invite a friend to come (with their spouse) - they'll be glad you did!

John and Janet Eng have been homeschooling for 19 years.  They have 10 children ages 6 to 23.  Their oldest 6 children have graduated from their homeschool.  David, their oldest son, is currently in his 2nd year of medical school.  The two oldest daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, have graduated as licensed ultrasound techs and are working at local hospitals and imaging centers.  Their other three daughters (Mary, Anna and Lydia) are actively pursuing college degrees.  As parents who have been able to successfully “homeschool” their children through college, John and Janet are passionate about sharing their methods, experiences, and philosophy of “homeschooling” through college.

For more about John & Janet Eng and their Family, visit their website:

For information call: (714) 686-3353.

Childcare available:

This month, to make it easier for families with little ones and big ones to attend, we have childcare available. Rate: $5 per child or $15 per family with three or more kids.

Meeting Time:

Evening Meeting: 5 pm to 6:30 pm

Enjoy training, fellowship, and an opportunity to meet veteran homeschoolers and other families considering homeschooling after the informative presentation.

Meeting Location:

Irvine Community Church
14804 Sand Canyon Ave.
Irvine, CA 92618

Simple Directions from North Orange County:

Take 5 South, exit Sand Canyon & turn left, church is on right.

Simple Directions from South Orange County:

Take 5 North, exit Sand Canyon & turn right, make immediate U-turn at light, church is on right.

Simple Directions from 405 and West Orange County:

Take 405 South, exit Sand Canyon & turn left, go two miles and pass under the 5, church is on right.

About Exploring Homeschooling:

The mission of Exploring Homeschooling is to impact the world for Jesus Christ by encouraging Christians to homeschool from a biblical worldview, especially starting when their children are babies, toddlers, preschoolers; and equipping individuals, families, churches, homeschool groups and other organizations to engage in homeschool evangelism.