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Public Homeschool Meeting

Saturday, October 26, 2019
Irvine, California

Our Road to Romance

A Christian Homeschoolers' Love Story

Come join us! Bring a friend! They'll be glad you did!

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Exploring Homeschooling
Mbuyi or Mong-Tham Khuzadi
P.O. Box 5372
Buena Park, CA 90622
Exploring Homeschooling (TM) is a national Christian ministry that introduces Believers to the blessings of private biblical homeschooling. We believe the Lord Jesus is restoring Christian families and saving the souls of children through biblical homeschooling.

For decades now in the United States, homeschooling Christians have seen good fruit from their efforts. Consider the following statistics.

Researcher Dr. Brian Ray found that 94% of homeschooled adults responding to his survey strongly agreed with the statement, "My religious beliefs are basically the same as those of my parents" and 93% continue to attend church. On the other hand, various ministries have found that a shocking 75% to 85% of Christian children sent to public school drop out of church and do not hold a Christian worldview after high school graduation. (Homeschoolers Grown Up: What do the Facts Show?, 2004.)

Exploring Homeschooling (TM) encourages Christian parents -- who are able to provide a safe, educational, Biblical home environment for their children -- to homeschool. We seek to strengthen the private Biblical homeschooling movement by encouraging Christian families to homeschool from a Biblical worldview and free from any outside control. We help families who make a decision to homeschool to connect with established Christian homeschooling organizations in their communities.

Exploring Homeschooling (TM) is a national ministry that seeks to connect the new generation of Christian parents (those with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, those with children in public school, and even those with their oldest child in the womb) with private biblical homeschool groups who are open to them.

Most importantly, this ministry must be a movement of prayer. We cannot expect a revival of the Christian family without giving everything to Jesus Christ, showing our dependence on the Almighty by beseeching Him to spare us and our country from the judgment we deserve.

Mission Statement

The mission of Exploring Homeschooling (TM) is to impact the world for Jesus Christ by encouraging Christians to homeschool from a biblical worldview, especially starting when their children are babies, toddlers, preschoolers; and equipping individuals, families, churches, homeschool groups and other organizations to engage in homeschool evangelism.

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